Confused About Voting? 5 Websites You Need To Check Out Before 8th June

Be honest – were you filled with dread when this general election was announced? Maybe you’ve got this “election fatigue” that everyone is talking about. Maybe you don’t want to see your Facebook feed covered in political memes. Or maybe, like a lot of people, you don’t really understand what it’s all about.
There’s no shame in that! Whether you’ve never voted before or you’ve always kinda cobbled your way through it, there are plenty of us who feel overwhelmed by the amount of information there is to absorb suddenly when campaign season rolls around. It might feel easier to write yourself off as non-political and avoid it all for fear of being caught out – but then you don’t get your say, and where’s the fairness in that?
Luckily, the internet is here to save the day. There are useful tools and sites popping up all over the place to help you make your decisions with plenty of time to spare, so you too can join in with the polling station selfies on 8th June… and actually feel secure in your vote.
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