Let These Nevada Election Memes Distract You From Everything

Photographed by Dominique Russo.
The only Good Things right now are Rihanna's message of solidarity and funny election memes. I don't make the rules.
The longer that the presidential election drags on, the more excruciating the wait is, and in the meantime, when we're not drowning our anxiety in snacks and reruns of New Girl, it's nice to take a moment and find even a bit of levity in what feels like our collective purgatory.
After all, memes have proved to be one of the most effective coping mechanisms of the modern era. And right now, the best ones have to do with how damn long Nevada is taking to deliver its election results.
Nevada may be a relatively small state, but its proven to be one of the biggest lynchpins in deciding the next president. If Vice President Joe Biden, who is leading in electoral votes, wins both Nevada and Arizona (also too close to call), then he doesn't need the coveted swing state Pennsylvania to win the election. Biden is leading in Nevada, which has been trending blue in recent elections as its electorate is diversifying (do we have Celine Dion and Britney Spears, who both had Las Vegas residencies, to thank for helping turn it into a liberal stronghold? Just saying). But after narrowly losing Nevada in 2016, Trump has campaigned intensely hard to flip it red.
Honestly, at this point, we just want to know, and it seems like we have to wait until November 6 in order for more mail-in ballots to be counted and to get a clearer picture. So while we wait, the internet has decided to give the state the meme treatment.

whenever you’re ready Arizona & Nevada, we’re waiting... #election2020 #goblue

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