The Bachelorette Finally Acknowledged Tayshia For 15 Whole Seconds

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
After pre-season reports that Clare Crawley left The Bachelorette early and was replaced by Tayshia Adams, many saw Tuesday's shocking end coming — but now the show has finally confirmed the rumors. The promo at the end of the third episode showed the men questioning why they were still there if Clare was pretty much only interested in Dale. "What is next?" asked one contestant. That's when it cut to the next Bachelorette Tayshia, emerging from a pool in slow-motion with a halo of light surrounding her. It was a very strange way to introduce her, especially given the slightly sinister sounding suspenseful music that accompanied the visual, but also... finally. Tayshia is going to be jumping into action as the new Bachelorette to save the show after it gets "blown up" by Clare (Chris Harrison's words, not mine) and it was damn time the show acknowledged it.
The end of the episode showed the contestants coming to the realization that there's no stopping the Clare and Dale show. They're not wrong that she has tunnel vision about Dale — she literally called him her fiancé in a conversation with a producer! And after Clare didn't hand out the group date rose to any of the men (Dale wasn't on the date, and he'd already won the previous group date rose), their suspicions that none of them stood a chance seemed to be confirmed.
The promo then showed them voicing their concerns that they're on this show for no reason. (Is this the first batch of contestants who actually cares about ending up with the lead and aren't just hoping to get enough screen time to raise their Instagram follower count and get invited to Paradise?) The dudes muse that perhaps they should all just leave so Clare can have Dale. And after a sit-down with Chris, a tearful Clare does end up leaving the show as the promos have teased. Only that's not it for the series (insincere gasp!). Instead, as an astute Kenny speculated in a previous promo, "We get a new Bachelorette in here." And that new Bachelorette, as confirmed by her slo-mo pool performance, is Tayshia.
Last we saw Tayshia on TV, she was dating John Paul Jones after meeting on Bachelor in Paradise, but they broke up last October. Now the third time on the show may be the charm for her — so long as there's someone in Clare's contestant pool who clicks with Tayshia. No matter what happens, one thing has just been made very: It's Tayshia's show now.

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