Roswell: New Mexico Star Jeanine Mason: “This Election Is About Decency For Me”

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I’m writing to you from Santa Fe, NM, where I'm fortunate enough to be (in this wild year) back to work on the third season of our little alien show, Roswell: New Mexico. A few days ago it dawned on my castmates and me that Election Day is a hot minute away, and it elicited a frantic, "What the hell are we gonna do that day?" text chain. Ultimately, it soothed me. We live half the year in this enchanting small town, a place where it's easy to be taken care of by a hike, a hot spring, a work of art, or a plate of huevos rancheros smothered in red and green chile. But Election Day is a lot no matter where you find yourself. We'll be on a couch, it's been settled, with plenty of snacks and blankets (for bracing). There's a half day at work, and I'm thinking in general I'll do quite a bit of pacing. No one in my family is very good at stillness. Immigrants. 
And I am nervous. So much is on the ballot. So much is at stake. Including decency. DECENCY. It blows my mind and breaks my heart. 

On Election Day we certainly practice freedom, but the work will continue the morning of November 4 no matter who is president.

jeanine mason
But ultimately I am an optimist, through and through. And the thing that's gonna get me through Election Day is the thing that gets me through most headline making events, celebration or otherwise. The work will continue tomorrow. Activist Carmen Perez said that on her soul healing Instagram. She's got such a rooted and fierce sense of purpose. It takes care of me because I don't know about you, but I need to know there's something we can do. Carmen reminds me that that is the nature of this work, of taking care of each other. It's always waiting for you in the morning, no matter how big the win was yesterday. She shared this quote by John Lewis after his passing, "Freedom is the continuous action we must all take, and each generation must do its part to create an even more fair, and just society." 

On Election Day we certainly practice freedom, but the work will continue the morning of November 4 no matter who is president. Our work in holding them accountable and ensuring they show up for the people, just gets more informed by what happens on Election Day. It'll tell us where we stand, what our obstacles are, and what ultimately will be our next move. Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, "Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time." So we will start at the top, and for as long as you and I are around, dear reader, we will have work to do in the morning. That is the truth of our generation. I'm comforted knowing that no matter how my heart feels come the end of November 3, on November 4 I'll be out looking for the helpers.

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