Your Horoscope This Week

There’s a rush of excitement on Sunday, as the Sun creates a conjunction with Mercury retrograde. As these heavenly bodies join, we'll feel eager to share our thoughts and connect with others. It's a good day to catch up with loved ones and friends, but the energy will also help us get organized for the week ahead.  
Has Mercury retrograde got your brain feeling a little foggy? The messenger planet re-enters charming Libra on Tuesday, helping us to navigate all sorts of social situations. We’re more open to understanding each other’s motivations and can think less selfishly. The same day, beauty-loving Venus makes her way into stylish Libra. We may find ourselves taking a little extra time to get dressed, to pamper our skin, or to play with our hair. Venus’s trip through Libra also impacts our relationships and makes us more conscious of our time. We’ll be able to prioritize our schedules with clarity, devoting time to those who build us up and avoiding those who drain us.
The Moon waxes full in steady Taurus on Saturday, creating the second full Moon of October — a phenomenon sometimes called a Blue Moon, that feels especially magical because it falls on Halloween. This Moon is conjunct with rebellious Uranus in retrograde, creating electric energy. A heightened sense of anxiety is in the air, making it a prime time to focus on taking care of ourselves and honoring our emotions.
The Sun also opposes innovative Uranus in retrograde on Saturday, a radical transit that heightens our need for independence. We may feel the need to challenge ourselves and others. The key things to remember: Be flexible, and welcome the unexpected. Change does not always announce itself.

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