12 Seriously Horny Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

Photo: Moviestore/Shutterstock.
An Amazon Prime subscription can come in verrrrry handy in these lonely times: Not only can you order a personal massager at the click of a button, you also have a wide variety of sexy movies available to get you in the mood.
That includes plenty of films available to stream for free as part of your Amazon Prime subscription, some of which include some extremely explicit sex scenes that you probably would prefer to watch solo.
Don't be weird, we're not talking about porn. You can buy that on the internet like everyone else. We're talking about the suggestive, softcore stuff that was popular in the '90s — a.k.a. the erotic thriller, a genre that is totally ripe for a comeback sometime soon.
This is the list of the sexiest movies Amazon Prime has to offer, filled with scenes you definitely won't want to be watching alongside your parents. It includes foreign films, indies, and plenty of movies that get more than a little steamy. Sexual politics and power dynamics might get a little weird in some of them (though a lot of that is in the interest of historical accuracy, whether a valid excuse or not), but the following list of films will certainly fog up your mirrors.

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