Megyn Kelly’s Tweets Make One Thing Clear: She’s For Trump

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In the nation-wide hangover from the first presidential debate of 2020 on Tuesday night, we emerged from a literal yelling matching learning nothing new: Viewers were left yearning for more concrete policies from both candidates who slyly dodged questions in favor of taking digs at each other. More importantly, President Donald Trump would literally not let former Vice President Joe Biden breathe without trying to interrupt him. But one person was apparently watching an entirely different scenario play out, and that person is, of course, Megyn Kelly.
Following a disheartening display of mental gymnastics, the former Fox News anchor took to Twitter to show her admiration for Trump, noting that he actually prepared for the debate and alleging that he did well (yes, really). Over the course of the night, Kelly cosplayed as a partisan political analyst in a series of spit-fire tweets that were actually just a MAGA love letter. In her initial take, she insulted Biden’s complexion (important!). Then, she made a drinking game out of the presidential debate as she watched the spectacle with her children who were apparently also tickled by Trump’s strange insults. And finally, Kelly went on to most focus on the rebuttal insults Biden served when he could no longer stay above the fray after constantly being interrupted by Trump.
Kelly mocked Biden for not being able to get a word in due to Trump continuously speaking over him. “Biden can’t control Trump; keeps asking Wallace to help him. Not a good look. Handle it Mr. VP,” she said in a tweet. (For what it’s worth, it’s the moderator’s role to keep the candidates in check — something a former Fox News anchor likely knows).
She also praised Trump for his response to questions about COVID-19 and his remarks about Antifa (again, were we watching the same debate?). And, notably, Kelly remained silent when the commander-in-chief refused to condemn white supremacy.
Although the two have often feuded, this isn't the first time that Kelly has shown unwavering support of Trump. Kelly is also known for her racist commentary, so it’s no shock that she’s stood by Trump through the debate. During a pre-debate interview with TMZ Live this week, Kelly exclaimed that overall Trump is doing well on policy and praised him for passing prison reform, anti-sex tracking legislation, Middle East relations, lowering taxes, and more. She said that she feels his job performance is satisfactory.
Kelly also went on Inside Edition and said she’s “unchained” and can “talk about the subjects I want in the way I want.” She reminded viewers to fact check what Trump says as he “doesn’t have adult relationships with the truth.”
But perhaps what’s most shocking is that the former debate moderator seems to have forgotten Trump said she was hormonal during a 2016 debate and had “blood coming out of her wherever.” But the nature of Kelly’s tweets make it clear that she’s supporting Trump all the way to the voting booth — in spite of his obviously atrocious behavior.
In any case, Kelly teased on Twitter that the second episode of her podcast The Megyn Kelly Show will air by tomorrow afternoon. On the show, she’ll share her “complete post-debate analysis” as well as reactions from both major political parties. So, something to look forward to, I guess.

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