If You’re Going To Buy A Mattress On Sale This Weekend, All Reviews Point To Saatva

The way we see it, Labor Day Weekend in the unusual year of 2020 is going to be a prime opportunity for shoppers to save the big bucks on pricier home buys. With chillier months and shorter daylight hours ahead, investing in the comfort of the spaces we're quite literally going to be living in is a high priority — and many of us are starting with our bedrooms. High-quality mattresses don't come cheap, which makes buying them a painstaking affair even when they are on sale. And, since in-person mattress testing during a pandemic isn't the safest bet, we've had to rely on the kindness of internet reviewers to help us in making such weighty virtual purchases. Enter, Saatva's Classic Mattress that's actually been selling like hotcakes over the past few months and is currently on sale for a LDW special of $200 off its usual luxury price tag. Below, we break down why this particular brand is the bestselling option worth scoring while it's available for a discount through September 7 — including a first-person rave review from one Refinery29 tester who actually slept on it for 30+ days.

What are Saatva mattresses made from?

Saatva's mattresses are American-made hybrid styles that are handcrafted from a dual steel coil-on-coil innerspring support system that's blended with layers of eco-friendly foam and a cushy-comfort Euro pillow top that the brand describes as, "the ultimate luxury feel." All of the materials used are naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, chemical-free, and organic.

What sleep style is best for a Saatva mattress?

Saatva offers its Classic Mattress in three different firmness levels that appeal to each different type of preferred sleep position: Plush Soft (for side sleepers), Luxury Firm (for all sleep styles), or Firm (for back or stomach sleepers).

What do Saatva reviewers say?

The mattress currently boasts a 9.1 out of 10-star rating on the brand's site with over 40,000 reviews. We had a very sleep-particular R29er personally test out the Luxury Firm style first-hand to see what the hype was all about — and here's what she had to say:
"My ideal mattress is somewhat of an impossibility: My back craves something super-firm, but I need my mattress to allow me to sleep on my side and stomach without my extremities losing circulation. I despise the feeling of being trapped in a foam mattress like a bug in honey, but I also don’t want to wake up each time a partner moves on the other side of the bed. What I really want is a mattress that can read my mind and body — here’s hoping my grandchild’s grandchild will one day invent it to honor my legacy. But, as such, I’ve become resigned to the fact that I was born to doze in the wrong century. I’m like Oscar Wilde, but for sleeping."
"But, Saatva’s Classic in Luxury Firm comes as close to the future as I’ve seen. Unlike many online mattresses, it has springs inside, which is a must for me, as all-foam mattresses give me that 'help I’m stuck and I can’t get up' feeling. Also, it doesn’t come in a box, which means no weird smells. The company let me review the thinner mattress for free, in order to fit my sheets, and I was pleased that it still felt substantial. Upon the first trial, I was immediately skeptical of its 'Euro pillow top' as too squishy and hilly, as I like a more uniform surface, but the thought fled my mind as quickly as it entered it because I fell asleep immediately. I woke up without the sore back I typically get from beds that are slightly softer than a wooden board."
"Likewise, I thought that the bed was perhaps a little too hard when I first jumped into it and made a thunk sound. But, I quickly forgot, because — you guessed it — I fell asleep again. That pillow top cradles the curves of my body without making me feel like I was in a me-shaped cake mold."
"And while it’s not exactly a black hole of movement, the only time I really feel jostled by my partner is when they get in or out of bed. Honestly, sleeping in this Saatva makes me feel single."

What's Saatva's Labor Day Weekend discount?

You can currently nab Saatva's bestselling sleep support for $200 off now through Septemeber 7 (no promo code necessary) — additionally, each purchase is eligible for the brand's free 180-night home trial where you'll be able to test your investment buy for optimal support before fully committing (money-back guarantee).
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