It’s Not Just You — Even The Most Well-Connected People Can’t Get Bachelorette Spoilers

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For the past few weeks, Bachelor Nation has been in a frenzy trying to make sense of what is going on with the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. But as messy as the production of the show has been so far, everyone involved has gone to great lengths to keep the nature of this season's storylines confidential — even from their loved ones.
Actress Sarah Hyland has the ultimate Bachelor source in fiancé Wells Adams, but mum's the word when it comes to whatever is going down on that La Quinta Resort set with all of those Bachelor alumni.
"I don't know what the fuck is going on, but I am losing my mind trying to keep up with it. I quit!" Hyland told E! News. "If Wells was catching me up, I still couldn't tell you."
"At this point, I am not paying attention to what is going on with Bachelor Nation," she continued. "I am just waiting for it to air. I will get my popcorn, a bottle of wine and maybe have one of my girlfriends get tested so she can come over and we can dish about it."
The Modern Family actress's frustrations about being kept in the dark are totally understandable — no one is sure exactly what's happening with The Bachelorette this season. Clare Crawley was supposed to be wooed by a group of youths men from across the country, but she reportedly issued her final rose just weeks into the process to one Dale Moss, leaving production hanging. Then, Tayshia Adams was flown in to pick up where Clare left off, also joined by the series' resident bartender Wells and a number of other Bachelor alum from various seasons.
If you ask me, something else is definitely going on at that resort — what it is exactly, we won't know until the show airs sometime this fall. However, we do know that we're probably getting two love stories this season, and ultimate Bachelor fan Hyland is stoked.
 "It's a two-for-one, so that's great!" Hyland shared. "I am into the drama of the show, like everyone else is. If anyone is actually a Bachelor fan and they aren't excited about having two Bachelorettes in one season, they aren't really a fan."
Excited? Yes. But definitely also a little stressed.

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