The Next Wild, Wild Country Documentary Is About An Unbelievable Scam

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
There’s nothing quite as delicious as well-executed, mysterious scam, and The Duplass Brothers know it. Thankfully, the Wild, Wild Country creators teamed up with HBO to satisfy our craving with a new series currently in production: The Lady And The Dale.
HBO's latest collaboration with the Emmy-award winning Duplass brothers (Room 104, Animals.), the Nick Cammilleri and Zackary Drucker-helmed The Lady And The Dale is basically the next Wild, Wild Country, but instead of a cult, it will tackle a 1970's auto scam led by a master manipulator.
The series, expected to air in 2021, tells the story of Elizabeth Carmichael, who seized the opportunity during the 1970's gas crisis in America by creating a fuel-efficient three-wheeled vehicle. As she won over many investors and carmakers, questions arose about the car's function as well as Carmichael's mysterious past.
Courtesy of HBO
According to HBO, The Lady And The Dale is a "portrait of an extraordinary entrepreneur’s rise and eventual fall, the series explores a one-of-a-kind story of fraud, family and identity."
Carmichael basically sounds like retro Elizabeth Holmes, but with white turtlenecks. Sign us up.

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