We Know Who Get Even’s Killer Is. But What’s Up With The Finale’s Suspicious Car?

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Get Even season 1 finale, “Get Justice.”  
Get Even wastes no time signaling it is a teen show murder mystery. Within the first seconds of the Netflix series’ premiere, viewers see protagonist Kitty (Kim Adis) — founder of the D.G.M., a quartet of girls determined to bring justice to Bannerman, their posh high school — wandering by a luxurious looking home. Emergency vehicles crowd the sidewalk and police tape covers the space. For a YA thriller, this visual can only mean one conclusion: someone is dead. 

By the end of Get Even’s second episode, “Get in Deep,” we know the series’ villainous Big Man on Campus, Ronny (Joe Flynn), was killed. Kitty sees Ronny’s body splayed out on the steps of his home, suggesting he was pushed out of a second floor window. Over the subsequent eight episodes of Get Even, Kitty and the rest of the D.G.M. crew investigate Ronny’s death. D.G.M.’s search becomes all the more urgent when Kitty’s friend Mika (Emily Carey) is also murdered soon after Ronny. Eventually, D.G.M. finds the killer running around Bannerman — and along the way, they stumble into a much bigger mystery involving a very nefarious-looking car.
Get Even’s finale reveals Ronny’s killer and the shady car are actually linked. It’s time to explain exactly why. 

The Get Even killer’s identity 

Wealthy Bannerman student Logan (Kit Clarke) killed Ronny and Mika. Get Even’s penultimate episode, “Get It Out,” is the first chapter that seriously hints Logan is the culprit. During that episode, Margot (Bethany Antonia) — a member of D.G.M. — begs her love interest Logan to run away with her. Logan obliges, and leaves Margot alone in his car for a few seconds to buy snacks. During that time, Margot finds a D.G.M. calling card in Logan’s glove compartment. As a reminder, a D.G.M. card was also found with Ronny’s body. In prior episode “Get Through It,” Logan’s best friend Christoper (Jake Dunn) was arrested when police found a D.G.M. card in his locker. This piece of evidence perfectly set Christopher up to be arrested, especially since it seems detectives were tipped off  to the card’s damning placement.  
The only sensible explanation for Logan’s possession of the D.G.M. card is that he is the one who killed Ronny and placed the card in Christopher’s locker. But Logan instead tells Margot that he is actually a member of D.G.M. and joined the group to humor Christopher, who “took things too far” by killing Ronny. This is obviously a lie. 
In the finale, Margot needles Logan on the obvious holes in his story. He finally admits that he went to Ronny’s house to confront him for sexually harassing Christopher. This explanation tracks, as it is confirmed in seventh episode, “Get Out of Hand,” that Ronny — who previously stole intimate photos of Mika off of her phone before her death — had been catfishing Christopher. Ronny manipulated Christopher into sharing all of his deepest secrets and then escalated the scheme into requesting explicit photos of Christopher. When Logan went to Ronny’s home, he wanted to make him “realize” the destruction he caused. Then Logan got angry and “accidentally” pushed Ronny out of the window to his death. 
Logan then claims killing Mika was an “accident” as well. In sixth episode “Get a Clue,” Mika spoke up at Ronny’s Bannerman tribute and outed him as a “bully” who catfished people, suggesting the late jock victimized multiple victims. While Mika doesn’t mention Christopher by name, we see him abruptly leave the event the moment Mika starts talking about Ronny’s misdeeds before death. Logan admits to Margot he approached Mika the next day to “find out what she knew” about Ronny’s murder (and likely the Christopher catfishing plot). When Mika wouldn’t answer Logan’s prying questions, he “got scared” and “things just spiraled out of control.” The encounter ended with Logan pushing Mika off of the bridge to school, killing her. 
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Kit Clarke and Bethany Antonia as Logan and Margot.

The suspicious car in the finale

Towards the end of the finale, Logan attempts to reconcile with Margot about his murderous lies. Margot unsurprisingly uses this opportunity to ensure Logan is arrested for his crimes. Before the police close in, Logan tells Margot she is “in danger” because of her connection to D.G.M. “There’s this society my family [members] are a part of. They’re after D.G.M,” he tells her. At that exact moment, a dubious and expensive black sports car appears at the top of a nearby hill, seemingly following Margot. 
Considering how expensive the vehicle looks, it is obvious the car is connected to the new secret society’s hunt for D.G.M. This development makes sense since Margot made her connection to D.G.M. obvious in her pursuit of Logan.
The car is purposefully shot in a way that ensures we can’t see the driver. All we know is that the car that follows Margot in the finale was also seen observing Kitty in front of Ronny’s house in fifth episode “Get What You Want,” and, most importantly, its driver once summoned Bannerman principal Mr. Harrington (Charlie Anson). At the top of the Get Even finale, Harrington can be seen getting into the car, having a short conversation, and quickly exiting the car. This entire encounter happens in broad daylight on Bannerman property. Since we barely see Harrington in the rest of the episode, it is unclear what the point of the discussion was. 
However, solving the mystery of the car will likely be the central narrative of a possible Get Even season 2. Someone is coming after the D.G.M. and appears to have Bannerman’s most powerful individuals in their pocket. The only way for D.G.M. to save themselves is to find their foes first.

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