What You Need To Remember From The Umbrella Academy’s Apocalyptic First Season

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Seconds have passed for the Umbrella Academy’s millennial superheroes between season 1 and season 2, but it’s been over a year for viewers. If you’re anxious to start the new episodes but not entirely sure you remember everything that went down, we've got a brief recap of everything major that happened in The Umbrella Academy season 1 that you need keep in mind while you watch season 2 — besides the fact that the whole crew time jumped away just before the apocalypse hit. Oh, and the part where they all caused it.
The first season showed us what would happen if a bunch of superpowered teenagers grew up and moved on from their vigilante life. Some of them found it easier than others. Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), who can use the power of suggestion to get anyone to do anything by saying “I heard a rumor,” became a famous actress and settled down with a family. Super strong man (with ape DNA) Luther (Tom Hopper) and metal manipulator Diego both kept up the superhero lifestyle independently. Klaus (Robert Sheehan), who has the power to talk to the dead, overindulged in drugs and alcohol to numb the pain that comes with that power. 
Vanya (Ellen Page), who thought she didn't have powers, became a concert violinist and romantically involved with a serial killer and Umbrella Academy superfan. The relationship was toxic, but it's also how she learned that can manipulate sonic waves to devastating effect. See: that whole apocalypse thing.
The last two siblings, Ben (Justin H. Min) and Number Five (Aidan Gallagher), had more complicated paths. Ben died as a teenager, but before that his power was summoning tentacles that allowed him to fight. We don't see a lot of it until the end of season 1, but he hangs around Klaus as a ghost.
Five got cocky with time travel test runs and got trapped in the apocalyptic future, landing the day after the apocalypse in 2019, which he later learns was triggered by Vanya. When he returns, he has aged 40 years, but somehow ended up back in his teenage body. It’s weird, but they go with it. (Never forget, Baby Yoda wasn’t the first adorable television character over 50.)
Oh, and of course, throughout season 1, there are people hunting the Hargreeves siblings as the try to stop the apocalypse. On a show with superheroes, stuff like this is bound to happen.
A lot happened in season 1, but here's what you really need to remember as you watch season 2.

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