Baby Yoda Drinking Soup Is Taking Over The Internet

Photo: Courtesy of Disney+.
Have you had enough of the suspected “Baby Yoda” yet? No? The internet hasn’t either, and he’s back in yet another iteration: sippin’ tea, as one does. Or soup. We’re not sure and usually babies don’t sip either, but on The Mandalorian this one does. And he’s ridiculously cute while doing so, whoever or whatever he (we think it’s a he, based on Wookipedia, of course) is. 
In the newest episode of the Disney+ series, which was released on Friday, the green baby we’re obsessed with showed off his sipping skills and the whole internet is here for it. Just look at him! Adorable.
Some people think that the Child is a celebration of the cozy holiday season.
Or a celebration of spending the night in.
Some are creating fan art, which is pretty “aww”-inducing.
There’s always room for making Boomer memes.
One linked “Baby Yoda” into another popular meme and cultural moment: White Claw. Is there a legal drinking age in the Star Wars universe?
Of course, there are the inevitable comparisons to the classic Kermit drinking tea meme.
While we all can agree the baby is cute, what we can’t seem to figure out is who the baby is, where the Child came from, or what we should even call it.
To get to the bottom of whether we should even call him “Baby Yoda,” Entertainment Tonight asked writer, producer, and longtime Star Wars collaborator David Filoni whether “Baby Yoda” is an accurate name for this adorable plot twist of a character. He didn’t say it was wrong...but it wasn’t exactly right, either.
“That’s fine,” Filoni said. “All part of the mystery.” 
Maybe that mystery is why the internet is so obsessed, or maybe it’s a bit of that Star Wars magic getting streamed into our living rooms thanks to Disney+ giving us the access we need. Or maybe, the internet is just a sucker for a sweet lil’ baby sippin’ tea.
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