New Music Fridays: You Know The Vibes

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As if Fridays weren’t your favorite day already, Refinery29 will also be gathering the best new music out each week, and breaking down why each track deserves a spot on your weekend playlist.
The world is on day number who-even-knows-anymore of being in the house, but an existential crisis isn't stopping women in music from dropping heat. If anything, music released in quarantine actually hits harder, and this week's new tracks are no exception.
A few years out of the spotlight haven't dulled the star power of some of our 90s music heavyweights, but the rookies are kicking down the door with some tracks that are just as powerful. Whether you're searching for the background music to your daily quarantine crying session (been there, babes) or need a soundtrack for your virtual birthday party that will have your virtual guests on their feet, we've got what you need.
No need to go outside — the vibes will come to you.

Brandy, "Borderline"

Brandy returns for her seventh studio album, and B7 is even better than we could have ever imagined. "Borderline," a poignant song about how love can drive us to the very edge of our limits, layers harmonies and riffs on top of each other throughout — peak Brandy. The vocal bible is back, baby.

ANE featuring Qu'ality, "Sex Machine"

Hookups may be a bit more complicated these days, but sex in the age of corona is absolutely a thing. Let the sultry lyrics and phallic-inspired visuals of "Sex Machine" put you in the mood.

Melanie C, "In and Out of Love"

More than twenty years after making her solo debut with Northern Star, former Spice Girl Melanie C reminds us that she is a star all on her own with the pure pop sounds of "In and Out of Love."
(See if you can spot the sneaky nod to the Spice Girls' classic "Wannabe!".)

Billie Eilish, "My Future"

Choosing a favorite track from Billie Eilish's discography is damn near impossible, but new release "My Future" is a frontrunner for me. Eilish's signature vocals are so quietly haunting that they nearly mask the song's true message: hope for tomorrow.
Get all our recommendations. Listen to the full New Music To Know in 2020 playlist on Spotify:

Dai Burger,"Go Off"

It's a great time to be a woman in the rap game because, more than ever, fans are eager to finally hear a different perspective in the male-dominated genre. Queens rapper Dai Burger comes through with "Go Off," a banger that will turn your house into Club Quarantine. Go off, sis. Go off.

Angelica Vila ft. Jenn Morel and Mariah Angeliq, "Your Plug"

If the outside world was open, you'd probably hear Angelica Vila's "Your Plug" playing everywhere that you went — the song is just that good. Marked by a modern spin on the classic sounds of bachata music and smooth Spanish verses, this track is a whole vibe for the summer.

Amy Allen, "Difficult"

Singer-songwriter Amy Allen stands up for all the women who have ever been called "difficult," proudly wearing the label on our behalf. Being low maintenance is overrated anyway.

Koffee, "Pressure"

Koffee continues her reign as the wonder kid of reggae, stunning with this too-relatable track about being weighed down by the daily pressures of life. Thankfully, the Jamaican artist promises, trouble won't last always — you just have to stay the course.
"Sometimes when yuh feel it, yuh cry doh," Kofee sings in Patois, "But do no mek it stress yuh cause it haffi be better."

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