Your Horoscope This Week

We’re ready to make positive new strides towards our future on Sunday, as Mercury retrograde’s shadow period — its retro-shade — ends. The messenger planet is finally ready to shed any slowness that has held us back. It’s safe to begin expressing ourselves, making new agreements, and beginning partnerships. On Monday, the Moon waxes into her first quarter in strategic Scorpio at 8:32 a.m. EST. This Moon phase tempts us to act fast when it’s best to gather our thoughts. The same day, lucky Jupiter in retrograde creates a sextile with dreamy Neptune in retrograde, making it a good day to consider how the past has shaped our journeys, and to thank those who’ve helped us by molding our perspectives. This beautiful transit could also help to bring an old dream back to life, or to help you visualize a new dream life for yourself . Charming Venus also forms a square against dreamy Neptune retrograde on Monday. It’s easy to get down on ourselves as these planets clash against each other. So we'll have to build up our self-esteems, forgiving ourselves for past mistakes and focusing on healing and moving forward. Finally, chatty Mercury forms a square against warrior Mars on Monday too. We'll want to be mindful of our reactions to others, and take a moment to understand where people are coming from before we lash out. We’re bursting with big ideas on Thursday, when speedy Mercury opposes lucky Jupiter retrograde. It’s advised to work on self-editing during this transit, as not everyone will be swayed. We'll want to make sure that we've got a solid concept or plan forward created before sharing our dreams with the world to avoid appearing half-baked. Mercury also forms a trine with imaginative Neptune retrograde on Thursday. It's time to turn towards artistic pursuits and seeking out knowledge, as this transit will help us to absorb new influences and mold our ideas with flair. 

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