Get An Exclusive First Look At Katherine Langford’s New Netflix Show, Cursed

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
When you think “Katherine Langford,” images of swords and towers of fire probably don’t spring to mind. After all, Langford’s original Netflix home of 13 Reasons Why may have many, many problems, but massive mystical battles mercifully aren’t one of them. Well, prepare for everything you know about the actress best known as Hannah Baker to totally change with the premiere of Langford’s upcoming Netflix series, Cursed
Ahead of the fantasy drama’s Friday, July 17 premiere, Langford is spilling all about what we can actually expect from Cursed and her new character, Nimue. The exclusive preview video below reveals that Cursed is much more Game of Thrones than Liberty High. 
As Langford explains in the teaser, Cursed is a take on the Arthurian legend of the Lady in the Lake. In traditional stories, the Lady in the Lake is already bound to her enchanted body of water and gives King Arthur the famed sword Excalibur. But that is not the tale Cursed is trying to tell. Here, Langford plays Nimue, a powerful young fey (or fairy) woman who is fated to one day become the Lady. Right now, however, Nimue is too busy finding her destiny and wielding her own sword to hang out anywhere, let alone a relaxing lake. 
“One thing that inspires me is that in the Arthurian legends, there isn’t one story told from a single female character,” Langford says in the clip. “It’s a story we think we know so much about, but we’ve never seen before in a way like this.” 
The “way” of Cursed, as Langford says in the clip, is part epic, part fantasy, and all about Nimue’s journey towards protecting herself and saving the “outcasts” like her. Watch the video below to see the terrifying villain — with a very Riverdale-y name — who is standing in Nimue’s way and get a hint about how she will stop him. Hannah Baker would be proud.

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