Seasons 1& 2 Of Amazon’s Homecoming Share A Sinister Plot Twist

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This story discusses plot points from season two of Homecoming, now available for streaming on Amazon.
Today, Amazon released the second season of its psychological thriller series Homecoming. The latest installment of the show stars Janelle Monaé as its disoriented lead — you’ve probably realized that bewilderment is a recurring theme in the show— but her character’s journey is simply a new chapter of the dark and twisted story that we fell into two years ago, with the shady dealings of a mega corporation at the very heart of the plot.
Season two of Homecoming begins with Jackie (Monae) waking up in a canoe floating in the middle of a lake. With no knowledge of how she got there or any memory of her past in general other than the fact that she is a veteran, our protagonist embarks on a quest to uncover the mystery of her identity. The search leads her directly to a name that is unknown to her but is very familiar to us: The Geist Group.
By now, you probably know the Geist Group very well, and are fully aware that it’s not the charitable company that the world believes it to be. In the first season, we learned that the Group was actually erasing the memories of military vets being ”rehabilitated” in its Homecoming Transitional Support Center with the sole purpose of shipping them back out to the frontlines without the pesky inconvenience of PTSD getting in the way. The soldiers' memory loss is the result of the facility's food being dosed with juices from a special berry grown by the Geist Group.
Jackie has a curious personal connection to the Geist Group: her complicated relationship with Audrey Temple (Hong Chau), the company's new head honcho. A lengthy flashback reveals Jackie's true identity, unmasking her to be a surprising power player in the Geist Group's expansive efforts to increase the range of the military. Don't be fooled by her perpetual confusion — she's no victim in this game.
Our protagonist's deep involvement in the Homecoming program and the plans of the Geist Group lead her directly to Walter Cruz (Stephan James), the veteran dosed by former case manager Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts) in the first season. As they learn more about each other, Jackie and Walter quickly began to unravel the mystery of the mega company. Spoiler alert: It gets dark.
It's been two long years since Homecoming first premiered, so if you find that your memory of season one's plot is a bit fuzzy, you might want want to refresh your memory with a helpful recap before diving into its twisty new chapter. Clearly, everything is connected — everything.
Season two of Homecoming is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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