The Secrets At The Heart Of 13 Reasons Why Come Out In Dramatic New Trailer

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Are you already emotionally preparing for the end of 13 Reasons Why? Well, your favorite Liberty High Students are spiraling over the big finale, as we hear over — and over— in the just-released official trailer for the Netflix drama's fourth and final season, which premieres June 5
In the brand-new clip, Jens Kuross’ “Spiraling” plays over our first in-depth look at the new season — and the lyrics are apt. Everyone is breaking down as four season’s worth of terrible secrets begin to bubble up over the last 13 episodes of 13 Reasons Why. If you thought the surprisingly hopeful ending of season 3 finale “Let the Dead Bury the Dead” suggested Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) and his friends were poised for an easy future, you were wrong. 
There are more deadly mysteries ahead than ever. 
The trailer confirms that 13 Reasons Why season 4 will deal with the rise of Winston (Deaken Bluman), the boy Monty de la Cruz (Timothy Granaderos) hooked up with on the night Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice) was murdered. Winston will spend the upcoming season attempting to clear Monty’s name, after Team Tape posthumously framed the jock — who was murdered in jail — for the death of Bryce (when Alex Standall really caused it). The key to Winston’s plan: transferring to Liberty High and terrorizing everyone with graffiti, it seems. 
Clay, unsurprisingly, will not be able to handle the mounting pressure of Winston’s campaign to unveil Team Tape’s many Monty-related secrets. But Clay isn’t the only one breaking down, as we see Tyler Down (Devin Druid) possibly bribing someone, Jessica (Alisha Boe) in the middle of what appears to be a school-wide brawl, and Zach Dempsey (Ross Butler) getting beaten up.
Still, it’s Clay who ends with blood on his hands. One trailer scene, which could be a dream sequence, shows Clay, in a T-shirt, staring at his blood-soaked hands. The person below him is still moving. However, later in the trailer, we see Clay in dress pants and slacks crouched over the body of someone in an orange jumpsuit. He's holding a very sharp weapon and a group of hoodie-wearing men are approaching him.
Did Gary Sinise's new character, who will likely be Clay's therapist, finally inspire Clay to let all of his secrets out? Watch the trailer below to decide for yourself.

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