Let’s Talk About Post Malone’s Rosé Brand

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We have yet to find a scientifically-sound explanation for why so many celebrities are dipping their toes into rosé-making. And there seems to be a spectrum of celebrities interested in the official drink of spring and summer: On one end, you have lifestyle gurus like Drew Barrymore but then, the celebrity rosé spectrum brings us to John Legend's LVE (fit for any romantic) and bottles from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Château Miraval. Finally, at the other end, there's a hypermasculine set of celebrities like the Fat Jew, Bon Jovi, and now, Post Malone.

This summer, Post Malone's first rosé, Maison No. 9, will be available for purchase in stores and online.
One thing this does tell us is that Post Malone knows his rosé. The kind of clear, salmon-colored rosé that rocked the drink world in the late 2010s and is now a mainstay is indeed French rosé. Maison No.9 is a "light, high-quality, accessible rosé" from Provence, France — the rosé capital of the world.
"Rosé is for when you want to get a little fancy," Post Malone shared in the press release, later adding that, "Maison No. 9 goes down smooth, and you're all going to love it."
Okay, but what does Maison No. 9 taste like? Since it comes from Provence, a region that closely regulates the sugar levels in rosé, you can expect it to be dry. It will be available to buy online and in stores this June, just in time for rosé season
But of course, what's a 21st-century rapper without his entourage of partners? He sails the seas of his latest business venture with music manager and London Entertainment founder Dre London and friend James Morissey of Global Brand Equities. According to the press release, Malone spent any spare moment away from his 2019 tour, sniffing rosés with medalled winemaker Alexis Cornu. Of course, the bottle's design came straight from Malone's imagination.
Despite the apparent incongruence, some celebrity rosé bottles are successful, Bon Jovi's Diving Into Hampton was named top rosé of 2018 and Château Miraval seems like it's still a viable business that can survive the Brangelina split.

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