Trevor & Jamie May Still Have Feelings After Listen To Your Heart

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Trevor Holmes and Jamie Gabrielle have been spending all their time together since pretty much the very beginning of Listen to Your Heart, and they've advanced their relationship each week. Most recently, they told each other that they were falling in love with one another. After the show, Trevor and Jamie may still be together, based on their social media interactions. But Trevor also recently wrote a song that suggests he may have blown it with Jamie. There are clues on both sides that are compelling as to the fate of their relationship.
On the show, Trevor and Jamie already overcame a potentially disastrous reveal, when Jamie learned that Trevor had emotionally cheated in his last relationship. Jamie had previously said that cheating was one of her biggest concerns in relationships, because she's been cheated on several times before. But Jamie decided that Trevor's cheating red flag wasn't red enough, because she felt that time had passed and he was a different person worth her trust now. Since then, things have been smooth sailing.
However, in the preview for the finale, Jamie said, "I'm feeling so overwhelmed and it scares me." It could have been her talking about the performance aspect of the show, since she gets nervous about that every week, but it's also possible she starts to feel overwhelmed in her relationship with Trevor. But, if she and Trevor managed to make things last on the show and into the real world, things may get tricky if Jamie's cheating concerns resurface once they're no longer in the TV show bubble.
One reason it would seem that they're not together is that Trevor wrote a song in April called "Better To You." The tune contained telling lyrics like, "I wish I was a little bit better saying how I feel / picking up my phone / realizing what I had before it was gone / I wish that I’d been better to you." That makes it seem like he possibly screwed things up with Jamie, unless he was writing about a past relationship.
Of the two of them, Trevor has been more vocal about his feelings than Jamie on social media. He posted a glowing caption about her on April 27, writing, "I couldn’t be more proud of you Jamie … You belong on a stage. Honored to stand up there next to you." Jamie commented a heart emoji on the post and liked it.
But she's been pretty quiet on her own Instagram about Trevor. Last week she posted a photo of the two of them performing on the show but made no mention of Trevor. Instead she thanked fans for the support and the backup band for making her sound even better on stage. 
However, on May 10, she posted a photo from their ice skating date and wrote, "This date was one of those [movie magic] moments...and a night I’ll never forget."
This could mean she doesn't want to forget the special date where she and Trevor admitted to falling in love, but it could also just be a really clever plug for her time on TV. For his part, Trevor still seems pretty smitten because he commented on the post, "I’m glad they caught it all on camera cuz I would have thought it was just a dream," with a string of emojis including a heart. 
They do seem to have a strong connection on the show, but they're probably not going to outright spoil what happened to them after the cameras stopped rolling... yet.
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