Some Mother’s Day Memes Your Mom Won’t Find Funny

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images.
You're laughing at your phone and your mom assumes it's a boyfriend but you have to explain it's just memes. We are all very aware of the kind of risks we take when we turn our phone to our moms and show them a meme because moms and memes are like oil and vinegar.
But just because they don't mix, doesn't mean they don't work well together. A little oil and vinegar can turn a bowl of rabbit food into a bonafide salad. And if memes rely on the currency of relatability, is there a more relatable meme subject than mothers?
So here are the memes that will get you into that Mother's Day spirit. While you might not be able to share this with your mom, at least they can inspire the message you write in her Mother's Day card.

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