Expect Real Snow To Fall From The Sky This Weekend

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images.
According to an NBC News weather forecast, this weekend is expected to have some truly bizarre weather. For starters, New York is expected to have freezing-cold temperatures. According to NBC News meteorologist, Kathryn Prociv, "The last time New York City dipped into the 30s in May was in 1978."
A snowstorm is expected to make moves over the Northeast on Friday, resulting in six to eight inches of snow in some places, a dusting in others, but up to a foot of snow for spots far up north. Up to 75 million people are expected to start the weekend in below-freezing temperatures, with low wind chills. According to NBC News, the Northeast, "will be colder on Saturday than it was on Christmas." If you live in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, or Binghamton, New York; Scranton or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; or Burlington, Vermont, you might wake up to a snow day this weekend.
Overall, it's going to be a windy, rainy, and even snow-y weekend through the Northeast and the Eastern Seaboard. Even the Deep South is anticipated to experience some cold air, as well.
Of course, Twitter is the first to react to this bizarre forecast. 2020 is a wild ride.
If you're spending all your time at home, it's likely you haven't checked your phone's weather apps in a while (because there aren't any outdoor activities or outfits to plan). The Northeast seemed to have been turning a corner recently, with longer days, sunnier afternoons, and warmer mornings. But maybe this weekend, think twice before leaving the windows cracked at night.

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