How The Creator Of The White Claw Slushie Wants You To Try It

Despite how hard it is to get your hands on some groceries, people are doing the absolute most in their kitchens right now. And I'm not just talking sourdough and banana bread because those are for a very ambitious kind of home cook. I'm talking about those recipes that are so simple it's almost weird to call them recipes. Like the viral recipe for whipped coffee, these tend to come from TikTok. The White Claw Slushie is the latest addition to the TikTok recipe canon.
Creator Julia Abner, former David Dobrik cohort-turned-photographer, is relatively new to TikTok but her recipe video for the White Claw Slushie went viral. There are now over 30,000 posts tagged #whiteclawslushie and the original video has over a million views.
Abner made the drink for the first time when she filmed her TikTok. "Being stuck in quarantine really inspires you to get creative with what you have," she told Refinery29 over email. "I was in the mood for a mid-day quarantine drink, gathered my limited supplies, and winged it." 
The recipe calls for White Claw, vodka, "some frozen motherfucking berries," and some ice. And while the TikTok is a perfect tutorial for the recipe, it's also seriously funny. Cooking videos are popular on TikTok and they all have the same affectations, kind of like the way YouTubers start every video with "hey, guys." "I took some of that lingo and product and made it into this video with my own personality,” Abner shares. "I think it took off because I simply did a lot of things popular videos were doing, put it all together with a comedic/vulgar twist, and the older demographic really took to that."
We also reached out to a White Claw spokesperson to see if the beloved seltzer brand had any recipes of its own that rivaled Abner's slushie. Turns out, it doesn't, so let's make this one the official White Claw cocktail.
After making the slushie a few times, Abner has some extra tips: "Use less ice if you have frozen berries and add fresh-squeezed lime or lemon juice and you've got yourself a dangerously good slushy." She plans on trying out a tequila version next.
The days certainly blend into each other when we do our part to adhere to shelter-in-place orders. Yet somehow, the weekend is still a time to look forward to. And what better time to experiment with cocktails?

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