You Could Soon Stream Sailor Moon For Free On YouTube

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It's hard to tell where the Sailor Moon fandom ends and where the nostalgia begins. Anyone born in the late 90s came of age in a world where pretty schoolgirls wore even cuter superhero costumes to fight some very handsome women in dominatrix-adjacent looks. So we've been remembering those sparklier times with aesthetic Tumblr tributes, TikToks, and city pop playlists.
This whole time, the only legitimate way to stream the anime has been through Hulu, which granted, has dubbed and subtitled versions of both Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal. But not anymore: Starting this Friday, April 24 the franchise's official Youtube account will be posting episodes of the first three seasons of the series in anticipation of a new Sailor Moon film, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie.
The two-part cinematic event is expected to premiere in Japan on September 11, 2020. So the franchise's YouTube account will post the first three seasons, 10 episodes at a time. According to Crunchyroll and the franchise's official website, it's timed so that audiences are all caught up on what the Sailor Scouts have been up to in time for the movie release when the story picks up at the series' fourth manga.
A small note on the announcement schedule says that: "This distribution is limited to Japan" so it remains unconfirmed if this is in reference to the dates on the upload schedule or if the episodes will only be available to stream in Japan. But many sources are confident anyone with YouTube access will be able to stream the episodes.
While an American release for the movie is yet to be confirmed, there really is no better time to dive back into the ultra-girly and mega-queer animated show of our childhood. And maybe, another girly childhood favorite, like Powerpuff Girls, could follow suit.

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