The 19 Best Environmental Shows & Documentaries On Netflix

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day get to know Mother Earth a little better, all from the comfort of your own home because, well, that's the only place you're allowed to go during the COVID-19 quarantine. Don't worry, though, the greatest teachers are all just a click away. Netflix's best environmental TV shows and documentaries are just one of the many ways you can virtually celebrate Earth Day this year.
These streaming shows and documentaries will make want to hug a tree, clean up the oceans, and fight for those animals on the endangered species list. These offerings include familiar names in science like Bill Nye, along with other perhaps less famous scientists like marine biologist and oceanographer Sylvia Earle who may inspire you to become an environmental activist from quarantine.
Now, not all of these shows and movies are easy to watch. Seriously, that walrus scene in Netflix's Our Planet is going to wreck you; as is the no holds bar documentary about big-game hunters. Tiger King this doc definitely ain't. Don't worry, this list also includes soothing palate cleansers like Absurd! Planet, which introduces us to the quirkiest of animals, and Disneynature Growing Up Wild, which will definitely illicit too many "awws" to count.
Everything on this list is Earth Day appropriate, but these are must-sees all year long. No better time than now to get started.
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