Your Guide To Having A Timothée Chalamet Movie Festival At Home

Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage.
Chalamet nation: we know that morale might be a little low given the news that our fave’s next project, Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch, has been delayed from July to October amidst the current global pandemic. You may wonder, “What am I supposed to do for three months? Watch Timmy’s little yelp at 1:18 in the trailer on a loop 24/7?” And that’s certainly a good option, but there are lots of other Timothée Chalamet performances streaming right now that are worth watching (or rewatching) as you socially distance and self-isolate. 
Chalamet’s performances are almost always a satisfying rewatch. He acts with his whole body, which makes it hard to pick up every gesture during a first watch. For example, if you watch Lady Bird enough times, you notice that as Kyle, he lifts his hands in a little surrender motion when he’s making out with Saoirse Ronan’s Lady Bird and she says she doesn’t want to have sex. Once you see it, you don’t forget it.
The majority of the Chalamet cinematic collection is available free with Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions, so settle in and have yourself a little TCFF (Timothée Chalamet Film Festival). Using Netflix Party, you can even have friends virtually join in.
Once you’ve done that, be sure to read Find Me — he’s newly confirmed for the adaptation of the Call Me By Your Name sequel — and join us in a summoning circle for the Dune trailer. There’s always more Timmy content to come.

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