Today’s Goodle Doodle Thanks Public Health Workers

Photo: STR/AFP via Getty Images.
To honor public health workers and researchers in the scientific community for their tireless work on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, Google's landing page looks a bit different today. If you visit, instead of the usual search engine fare, you'll see Google's logo has been transformed into an animation of a heart floating to a researcher to represent our collective gratitude during this global crisis. Click on the G, and you'll be directed to a Google search for "thank you coronavirus helpers." At the top of this search, you'll find a list of top associated questions with the COVID-19 alert, which you can click on for a list of CDC resources and up-to-date information.
Over the next few weeks, Google will be posting a whole Doodle series to honor those on the frontlines of the pandemic. To read more about today's Google Doodle, you can click here, where Google also links to a list of steps to take to stop the spread of coronavirus. During this time of global crisis, it is crucial that we heed information from the most accurate sources and curb the spread of misinformation about the virus. To support nurses and healthcare workers during this time, you can read more here about sending food, donating blood, and advocating for aid.

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