Everyone Is Taking This TV Personality Quiz, But The Answers Are Upsettingly Accurate

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Does anyone else feel like self-quarantining is forcing us back into the 2010s? Not only have I been behaving like my middle school self, but so has the internet. I thought my days of taking quizzes about what movie or TV character I am was out the door with MySpace. Now that I have nothing else to do, I find myself along with the rest of the internet getting curious. However, a lot of time has passed since many of us last gave internet quizzes a whirl, and they've gotten scary good.
In particular, everyone loves the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz by Open-Source Psychometrics Project, which is more fun than it sounds, I promise. Created by Eric Jorgensen, the quiz doesn't just focus on one TV show or movie when it comes to finding your character. It focuses on pretty much all of them. Or at least, almost 50 of the most popular ones, ranging from The Office to The Simpsons to Casablanca to Fight Club.
The way it manages to pinpoint your one character out of all the other characters in all those universes is by going beyond just yes or no questions. Instead, users rate themselves on a scale for everything from "playful vs. serious," "creative vs. conventional," and "charming vs. awkward." Meaning, you're about to go through some serious self-discovery.
The only hard part is, once you've delved deep into your soul, you're confronted with the hard truth, and my hard truth is that I have a lot in common with Waylon Smithers from The Simpsons. If you're faced with similar disappointment, the intricacy of the quiz is such that you can't just write it off as a mistake. Instead, your result is more accurate than that of any you've taken before. Take it here — if you're brave enough.

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