Zac Efron Fondly Remembers His Bromance With Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images.
It should give you comfort that on any given day, Leonardo DiCaprio may invite you over for waffles. Granted, being Zac Efron coincidentally seated next to DiCaprio at a basketball game probably helps. Back in November 2008, what started as a first meeting at the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Denver Nuggets turned into a breakfast date complete with deep life chats.
Efron recounted this story while appearing on Hot Ones, the First We Feast show that forces celebrities to eat increasingly spicy wings. From these conversations, we've gotten Joe Jonas revealing he knew Game Of Thrones secrets and Pete Davidson blaming Ariana Grande for the paparazzi. Efron recounted a similar paparazzi woe, but with a bromantic twist. He explained that at that Lakers game, he and DiCaprio started chatting, and out of nowhere the Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood star invited Efron to breakfast.
"He cooked me breakfast the next day at his house. He cooked waffles and burnt those," Efron revealed. "Then he made pancakes."
After the kitchen mishap, though, the boys got real.
"I had a billion questions for him...definitely dealing with too much paparazzi presence in my life," Efron continued. "Sitting next to Leo, I was just like, 'How have you handled this for so long?' He was like, 'Frankly, you're getting it a little bit different.'"
For instance, a ton of cars and cameras had followed Efron from his house to DiCaprio's, and the stress was weighing on both of them. DiCaprio, however, said he had Efron's back.
"That's the biggest hand you can extend in Hollywood, looking out for someone younger," he said. "So, rock on, Leo. Thank you, buddy."
Watch Efron's full hot wings adventure below.

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