This Season Of The Bachelor Has Been Chaos. Here’s A Drinking Game To Get You Through The Finale.

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Spoiler alert: this drinking game mentions spoilers for Season 24 of The Bachelor.
Another season of The Bachelor is coming to a close. This season has mostly focused on Mykenna's tongue gymnastics and Champagne-gate, so needless to say, it's been relatively vanilla. We waited all season long to find out why Peter's mom was crying (spoiler: it's because she's a ham and we stan) and still we ended last night's episode without answers. According to Chris Harrison, even Peter doesn't even know how this one is going to end. While that's about as shocking as Madison abstaining from alcohol (among other things, wink wink), we are obviously still tuning in tonight to find out what exactly happens to our windmill-loving pilot boy.
To make the finale a little more exciting, we put together this drinking game, so pour your Champagne and get ready for "the most dramatic finale ever." (Chris Harrison's words, not mine.) Also, please do not take this game too seriously and drink responsibly.

The Bachelor Finale Drinking Game Rules

At the beginning of the game, guess who Peter is going to end up with, and take a shot if you’re wrong.
Drink every time anyone says anything about “the journey.”
Drink every time there’s a kangaroo on screen.
Drink every time they refer to sex as “being intimate.”
Drink every time Peter “promises” or “guarantees” something is true. 
Drink every time Peter loves it when a relationship is challenging. 
Drink every time that Peter says he "totally gets" something.
Drink every time anyone says anything about being “open and honest.”
Waterfall every time Barbara cries (sorry).
Take a shot when Chris Harrison finally tells Peter what he “just found out.”
Take a shot if they show a promo for Listen To Your Heart and someone sings “Shallow."
Finish your drink if someone gets engaged at After The Final Rose.
Finish your drink then pour another drink and finish that one if Peter ends up single (and then immediately hop on Twitter so we can get him on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise).
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