The Gilmore Girls Instagram Kick Started A Fan Theory That A New Season Is Coming

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Disappointment settled in for Gilmore Girls fans when Amy Sherman-Palladino told Vogue that “there were no discussions between [her team] and Warners or [her team] and Netflix of having anymore [seasons].” 
Now, social media theorists are scrambling to put cryptic pieces together, thanks to some new posts on the official Gilmore Girls Instagram page.
There’s no denying the hype that erupted when the Netflix revival, A Year in the Life, made its debut in 2016, but fans want another season, especially with that agonizing cliffhanger. With the recent activity on the ‘Gram, fans aren’t abandoning the idea of a possible reboot. 
In a pair of back-to-back posts, the page first shared a quote from Tristan Dugray (Chad Michael Murray) that reads, ”See, I think you like me, you just don’t know how to say it.”
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Looks like someone needs to confess...

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Almost two weeks later, a second post cited a season 1 line from Rory Gilmore that reads, ”A ‘D’ at Stars Hallow is like an ‘F’ at Chilton. It’s worse, it’s like a ‘G.’”
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Way worse!

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The posts were an unexpected pull at heartstrings for fans, since the Instagram page hasn’t been very active in the past few years. Avid fans don’t need help remembering the lines from the series, but coincidentally both of the posts included a fall-like leaf, a motif that fans are trying to interpret. 
Some fans dissected the font and style of both posts. “My theory is as follows, Rory’s teaching at Chilton after writing her book. Teaching is a great job for a mom. And, Rory would be a great teacher,” iamjulietjames commented.
Several fans took note of the spelling of “hallow” in the post and shared Lorelai’s quote from the same episode, where she says in response to Rory, ”So, I’m guessing the spelling test didn’t go well, either?”
Could the leaf speak to a fall release of a new season? Or, will the reboot take place in fall, even if it isn’t released in fall? Fingers crossed for a reboot because fans can’t handle more sad news about Gilmore Girls not continuing.

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