There’s A Whole New Way To Get Bachelor Spoilers This Season

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
We're getting down to the wire for Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, but just when we thought we got a handle on what will go down during next week's two-night finale, a brand new theory has emerged and turned everything on its head. Rather than Reality Steve or sleuthers on Reddit being the ones to set Bachelor Nation abuzz, a brand new platform has emerged as the place to go for Bachelor theories and spoilers: TikTok.
After Women Tell All, a video by user @edie_v went viral on the app (curiously, their only video) that outlined a theory about Kelley Flanagan. Kelley was eliminated in week six, but strangely didn't make an appearance at Women Tell All. While Chris Harrison told Ashley Iaconetti, per Ashley's Cosmopolitan recap, that it was because Kelly didn't play a big part in the storyline, fans aren't buying it. Women who spent much less time on the show than her were in attendance. Instead, @edie_v thinks it's a much bigger reason, and they're backing it up with Instagram proof.
At first, the user thought Kelley wasn't dramatic enough to be invited, but the clip that The Bachelor keeps showing of Peter Weber's mother crying and asking him to not let someone go could be a clue to a different story. What if that bombshell news Chris Harrison tells Peter (the other moment that keeps being teased in all the sneak peaks) is actually something about Kelley, and now she's back, and ends up winning the whole dang thing?
TikTok has been rife with Bachelor content for a while. While this theory has gone particularly viral, there are just as many videos (often using the Green Screen effect, which turns the whole thing into a glorified PowerPoint presentation) that lay out other suspicions. For instance, this one took a look at Madison Prewett's Venmo and another one called out a possible clue from Monday night's episode.
And then there's the fact that a ton of Bachelor people are getting on TikTok. Mykenna Dorn, from Peter's season, is perhaps the most active with her many dancing videos, but Madison is also posting on the app. Recently, Demi Burnett started posting, and it's only a matter of time before people start hitting the woah in the Bachelor mansion. Maybe that's why ABC decided to make sure the next Bachelorette was 38...

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