Peter Weber’s Ex Is Rolling Her Eyes At Victoria F.’s Denial Of Homewrecker Rumors

Photo: ABC/Francisco Roman.
During Monday night's Women Tell All, Victoria Fuller was finally put in the hot seat after a season of rumors accusing her of homewrecking and breaking up relationships. And it was...not satisfying. The contestant had first addressed the accusations in a vague way back in November, when she posted an Instagram caption denying rumors that hadn't even fully come out yet. Her appearance on Women Tell All came after Bachelor Peter Weber's ex, Merissa Pence, appeared on the show to deliver news of the rumors straight to Peter himself, and while Victoria continued to deny the accusations, Pence revealed on Instagram that she's not buying it. In fact, she has receipts.
"Unfortunately it is true," she replied to a comment about Victoria's denial on one of her recent photos. "Some people cannot face the truth, she knows what she’s done. It takes a strong person to admit those flaws."
Another user pressed Pence for evidence, asking if she had any receipts to back up her claims.
"Multiple. Many of those who’s life she’s ruined," she revealed, but said that she's not going to hash it all out in public out of respect for their privacy. "They have been through hell and back and simply do not want to relive a dark time in their lives just for a reality TV show. This is simply why I did what I did. To speak for those who’s [sic] lives and relationship have been ruined. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the truth with always be the truth and there’s no way around that."
It's hard to know what to believe, because Victoria's denial was just as resolute.
"Absolutely not," she told Chris Harrison when asked if she had broken up relationships. "I think it's just hard to have this guy that I'm dating … now think that about me. And once that's out there, people think that about you."
Victoria suggested that Merissa's motives simply came from a personal dislike rather than any specific evidence. With her time on the show now over, these rumors will soon die out as well. But if Victoria wants a surefire way put the past behind her? She just needs to head to Stagecoach and, a la Blake Horstmann, start fresh with a new mess.

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