SNL Gave Love Is Blind A Coronavirus Quarantine Twist Because Everyone Deserves Love

Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty/BET.
There are not many things that can happen in the world that Saturday Night Live doesn’t have a sketch waiting for, and Netflix’s Love Is Blind is no exception. The unreleased sketch may have been cut for time, but honestly, how dare they? It’s got everything: love, expectations, and a serious pandemic (so thanks for amplifying our dating reality show addiction). 
The sketch hops right into pointing out the obvious with a familiar voiceover: “You’re watching Netflix: we make movies too good for the theatre and too degrading for cable.” Viewers are introduced to the Love Is Blind: Quarantine Edition “contestants,” who are just as naively excited as the show’s actual contestants, but with an added level of sensationalized expectations that they’re about to meet the love of their lives
We get a few clips of the couples speaking tweetable quotes before learning, in typical Netflix reality show style, that SNL has added a plot twist: all of these lucky singles have been exposed to the coronavirus and are under quarantine, because sick people deserve love too, right?  
The conversations start off very normal (as far as talking to a stranger behind a wall in an empty pod goes) and slowly reveals how each of these singles ended up in this coronavirus love connection. 
“I love to travel, too,” Gabriel (Kyle Mooney) says. “I actually just got back from a work trip in China.” You know, where the virus originated. He then points out how he has “never felt this way before” about another person...listing off his symptoms of having the shivers and being lightheaded.
The sketch reveals the ridiculous moments of contestants having “OMG we like the same thing!” moments about stuff we all like in the show, all while people in hazmat suits are coming into the pods to collect everything they touch. If we gain anything from the sketch is the seriously outrageous and questionable levels a person will go to find love, even if you are the ghastly age of 34. 
The real Lauren (who has a character in the sketch, played by Ego Nwodim) posted about the clip in her Instagram Story and said, “Sis def had the outfit and hair down tho.” May we all aspire to be as light-hearted (and in love) as Lauren and Cameron, but in a normal way, like in a bar or something, without the hazmats. 
If you're aching for more Love Is Blind because you stayed up until 3 a.m. binging it, not to worry — a reunion special is coming to Netflix on March 3.

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