Your Horoscope This Week

If you’re looking for a change of pace, you’ll be pleasantly surprised on Sunday when material Venus forms a conjunction with transformative Uranus. This transit is all about breaking out of routine — you might find yourself spicing things up in the bedroom, for instance. But pay attention to your spending during the movement. While these planets complement each other, you’re compelled to search for deals. We’re asked to go easy on ourselves on Monday at 12:47 p.m. EST, when the Moon waxes full in practical Virgo, opposing dreamy Neptune and forming a trine with lucky Jupiter. If you feel as though your self-perception has become clouded, work to step out of your own point of view during this transit. Jupiter’s positive influence on this Full Moon will help you to see the bright side. On Monday, messenger Mercury moves direct into independent Aquarius. We’re ready to break free from old patterns and forge new habits to help us succeed. Ambitious Mars creates a sextile with imaginative Neptune on Saturday, helping to bring our ideas to life. Use this transit to get excited about your creative projects, and to make headway while your motivation is high. This positive transit also provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with romantic interests on a deeper level, helping you to forgo superficial interactions.