The Bachelor: Women Tell All Cheat Sheet You’ll Need To Get Through The Whole 2 Hours

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Peter Weber's journey on The Bachelor is almost at an end, and can I just say, thank the lord for that? Peter went from being a middling Bachelor choice to a polarizing Bachelor. I'm not disappointed in you, Peter; I'm disappointed in the rest of us for thinking that your season would be better. But as is always the case at this point in the season, Bachelor fans will now be treated to the Women Tell All special. It's where each season's Bachelor contestants make it all messy once more, and 2020's edition will be no exception.
The Women Tell All brings all the women from The Bachelor back together to explain what really happened. It usually devolves into lots of shit-talking. Things get super heated because most contestants have been watching the season, which means they have finally seen what happened when they weren't around. While it's not exactly a win for feminism, women, or decency, it is a win for contestants hoping to gain Instagram followers and potential sponsorships.
This season, there seem to be a few women missing at the Women Tell All special — Kelley Flanagan, who came in fifth during the season, is notably absent. Also missing is Natasha Parker, who also went pretty far on the show. Honestly, this whole thing is undoubtedly exhausting for the women, so to anyone who didn't find themselves at Women Tell All: More power to you.
For those who did make it, good luck. The following slideshow includes every woman who is be at Women Tell All and what's at stake as they return to The Bachelor screen.

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