The First Look At The Batman Reveals Robert Pattinson’s Vintage Batsuit

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty.
Bat-fans, to the Batmobile! New photos and footage from the set of The Batman film have been leaked for all to enjoy. While it is not as juicy as Robert Pattinson’s screen test, the photos do provide a more in-depth look at the new Batsuit, and the footage previews a motorcycle stunt scene in a cemetery. 
The new Batsuit is still black (sorry to any of you hoping for shades of gray), opts for a patchwork-style Batman symbol on the chest that appears to be made out of guns, and includes the iconic pointed ears on the helmet and utility belt. If the new Batsuit looks and feels kind of low quality, fear not, as it apparently fits with the storyline of a young Bruce Wayne, in his first years as Batman. This is opposed to previous Batman films that usually focus either on the origin story or specific villain arcs. If this is considered vintage Batman, we can’t wait to see Paul Dano’s vintage Riddler costume.
Meanwhile, the suit (it’s currently unknown if it is Pattinson or a stunt double in the leaked photos) looks as fantastic as ever in action. The photos show Batman on a motorcycle, racing through a dark and foggy cemetery.
The classic feel of the suit definitely fits the noir style that director Matt Reeves has said he’s aiming for. He recently told The Hollywood Reporter that the new film is purely focused on “detective Batman.” 
“It's more Batman in his detective mode than we've seen in the films. The comics have a history of that. He's supposed to be the world's greatest detective, and that's not necessarily been a part of what the movies have been,” said Reeves. 
The Batman is expected to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.

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