New Music To Know This Week: JAAS Gets That “Therapy,” Olivia Awbrey Is A Guitar God & More

Ever since my first job at MTV working as a music programmer, I can't stop trying to match people with music they might like. So, I wrote a book called Record Collecting for Girls and started interviewing musicians. The Music Concierge is a column where I share music I'm listening to that you might enjoy, with a little context. Get everything I've recommended this year on Spotify, follow me on Twitter or Facebook, and leave a comment below telling me what you're listening to this week.

JAAS "Therapy"

JAAS and I aren't dating men unless they do some time in therapy in 2020. Or maybe that's just me. But this slow burner of a song from the Chicago-based singer is zipping right to the top of my therapeutic playlist of songs. Don't disturb this groove. And I'm adding the lyric "Give up, give it up to me" to my Bumble bio, followed by a disclaimer that I mean intellectually.

Olivia Awbrey "Advanced State of Decay"

Portland guitar god, anyone? Awbrey is ready to rebuild the classic indie rock scene from the ground up with her raw as can be lyrics and her '90s inspired guitar licks. Her machine, the guitar that's creating all those folk-inspired noises, kills fascists — and you'd be wise to not forget it.

Tasha the Amazon "Forever Ting"

You've heard her music on Insecure and Broad City, now hear her zooming onto your playlist with "Forever Ting." Become a fan before she blows up because it won't be long before everyone is bumping her songs.

chloe moriondo "Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb"

Morindo's solution to that feeling of wanting to escape yourself when the noise in your head becomes too loud? Dreaming of being one of those ghost orbs that shows up on surveillance cameras and ghost hunter TV shows. It's a lot nicer as disembodied hauntings go than being a laughing kid ghost. Her world-weary cadence and the guitar are what sucked me in and made me listen to this song over and over, however. There's something a little addictive happening here.

Ac Sapphire "Desert Stars"

There's something so cleansing about the desert, isn't there? It's like going to a clean slate place, where magic could just happen and you have to fight to stay alive, you being made of 60% water. Press play, and take a mystical vocal ride through a place of great danger and allure.

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