What Exactly Is Chris Harrison Teasing With This Peter Weber Instagram Post?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean that the drama is over. We’ve got a few more episodes of what has been the most stressful season of the franchise ever, and the good people behind The Bachelor are riding this thing until the wheels fall off — I'm looking at you, Chris Harrison.
The godfather of The Bachelor is known to stir up drama on the show, and it looks like he’s up to his old ways once again. Today, Harrison blessed Bachelor Nation with a first-class troll that sent fans into a frenzy. He Instagrammed an airport selfie with Pilot Pete — and the picture included show producer Julie LaPlaca.
LaPlaca is at the heart of one of this season’s most ridiculous fan theories. Earlier this month, one Bachelor Nation shared a wild idea on Reddit about the end of Peter’s journey. Redditor krallie concluded that LaPlaca, not any of the women in our final three, was the one who walked away with Peter’s heart, and she had (pretty shaky) proof: LaPlaca celebrated New Year's Day with the Webers. LaPlaca and Peter hang out outside of filming for the show. Plus, no one knows who our Bachelor is going to end up with after everything is said and done, not even the show's resident spoiler Reality Steve.
Clearly, Harrison caught wind of the half-baked theory and is trolling us with it, which means that we can officially throw it out of the window. Harrison loves drama (remember how much teased Colton Underwood's fence jump as the most shocking moment in Bachelor history?), so it's likely that he's playing with fans to drum up more conversation about the show.
It's not like Peter's season needs the extra promo. Against our better judgment, millions of us are tuning in for the stress that is his love life week after week, driving The Bachelor's ratings through the roof. Right now, the show might be the worst that it's ever been, which also somehow makes it the best that it's ever been. Catfights, gaslighting, and "random" pop-ups from exes — this season really does have it all.
So no, Mr. Harrison, there's no need for you to break the fourth wall with this troll. We're already pretty invested already.

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