Locke & Key‘s Well Lady Mystery Is Even Twistier Than It Seems

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Warning: Locke & Key season 1 spoilers are ahead.
Know how, when you were growing up, your parents always told you not to talk to strangers? After Locke & Key, let's add an addendum to that: “Also, don’t talk to strange women you find in wells.” Clearly, Bode Locke (Jackson Robert Scott) never had that conversation growing up, which is why he starts talking to a mysterious woman trapped in the bottom of a well at his new house, aka Locke & Key's "well lady." While at first, she seems pretty harmless, the lady in the well turns out to be the biggest threat to all the Locke children — and to the titular keys. 
If you haven’t watched the first season of Netflix’s Locke & Key, it’s best to turn around now because it’s time to dive into the who, and the what, is behind the Well Lady, aka Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira). 
Bode, the youngest of the Locke children, and the most curious, first meets the lady in the well when he hears mysterious whispering. It draws him to the well house on the Key House property, and upon sneaking inside he’s surprised to discover that there’s someone down in the well. If you were to stumble upon a woman seemingly trapped at the bottom of a well for an unknown period of time, hopefully, you’d go get help. Bode does not. Instead, he strikes up a cautious friendship with her and begins to learn about the keys that inhabit Key House. 

Who Is The Well Lady?

At first, Well Lady is simply known as Well Lady, and then she comes to be known as Echo, and then finally Dodge. Dodge tries to instruct Bode to get some of the keys for her — in particular, she’s really focused on the Anywhere Key so she can leave the well house and go wherever she pleases. She knows Bode has it, and it takes a lot of arguing for her to finally reclaim it. Once she has it, Dodge is free to travel through doors and appear on the other side of any door she wishes (the Anywhere Key works like that: If you’ve seen a door before, you can travel there). 
Later, Dodge gets really hung up on trying to get the Head Key but we don’t know the reason behind until the very end of the season. 

Who Is Dodge?

It’s hard to keep talking about Dodge without revealing who she really is and what she wants. In short, Dodge is actually a boy named Lucas (Felix Mallard), who is using one of the keys to switch his appearance from male to female. Additionally, Dodge/Lucas is dead. Yes, Lucas was killed after he was possessed by a demon after opening the Omega Door many years ago. Lucas went a little crazy, and after he killed two people in the basement of the Key House, Rendell Locke (Bill Heck) killed him. 
You’d think that’d be the end of the Lucas story, but Lucas’ sweetheart at the time, Ellie (Sherri Saum), decides to bring him back to life. Using the Echo Key, she summons Lucas to the Well House. However, he can’t go anywhere since he doesn’t have the Anywhere Key. But, he does get his hands on the Mirror Key which alters his appearance, from Lucas to Dodge (Dodge was his nickname growing up). 

What Happens To Dodge At The End Of Locke & Key?

Which brings us to the end of the season, where we think Dodge/Lucas has been defeated, but they have not been defeated. The Locke children seemingly throw Dodge through the Omega Door, but they actually throw Ellie who had the Mirror Key used on her, meaning she took on the appearance of Dodge. 
As for Dodge, they are still out there in the world. Not only are they still masquerading as Dodge (and Lucas), but they've since added Gabe (Griffin Gluck) to that lineup, too. The final moments of the season reveal that all along Dodge has also been Gabe, who is now Kinsey’s (Emilia Jones) semi-boyfriend. That means that Dodge/Lucas/Gabe has infiltrated basically every aspect of the Locke family and there’s no telling what they’re going to do next.
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