What Do All The Keys Do On Locke & Key?

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If a series is called Locke & Key, you can kinda assume that there are going to be a few locks and keys throughout each episode. Well, I’m pleased to announce that Netflix's newest series by that name delivers on all fronts, with an abundance of both locks and keys! And with at least one key in each episode, it might be a little hard to keep track of all of them and what they do throughout the magical Key House. 
As we quickly learn, these keys have been around for a very long time and the Locke children — Taylor, Kinsey, and Bode — aren’t the first ones to use them in the house. The keys were frequently used by their father, Rendell (Bill Heck), while he was growing up (and he even passed down one key to Kinsey (Emilia Jones), unbeknownst to her for a while). Now, the keys aren’t being used for just fun and games anymore as there’s a diabolical scheme going on with a mysterious “Well Lady” named Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira) trying to get them all for herself.
If you think this is confusing, just try keeping up with all the keys being used to do an assortment of different things. Whether you’ve already watched the series or are simply trying to figure out which key does what, here’s what you need to know about all of them. 

The Fire Key (Or The Matchstick Key)

First appearance: Episode 1
What Does The Matchstick Key Do? The key works as a lighter of sorts, and is able to set fire to itself (and then create bigger fingers). We first see the key at the very beginning of the series, when Mark (one of Rendell’s childhood friends) dies by suicide when he stabs himself in the heart with they key, which then sets him on fire. 
We also see a kid take possession of the key before Dodge takes it from him. Dodge passes the key off to Sam (Thomas Mitchell Barnet), who uses it to escape from jail before the Lockes reclaim it once again. 

The Anywhere Key

First appearance: Episode 1
What Does The Anywhere Key Do? Plain and simple, the key takes you wherever you want to go. Bode first uses it to travel to the town’s ice cream parlor. It’s also described as, “opening a door to anywhere the bearer can visualize in their mind.” But, the bearer has to have seen the door before, so they can’t just transport themselves somewhere new. 
This key has actually been with the Lockes for a while, as it was in a bracelet that Rendell gave to Kinsey. Bode breaks the bracelet to free it. 

The Prison Key (Or Possibly, Mirror Key #1)

What Does The Prison Key Do? Even though this key is inserted into a mirror, it’s not the mirror key that changes a person’s appearance. This key, rather, opens a portal into the mirror which — according to Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) — will let you see people who have died. This is sorta true, if only because, according to Dodge, you can see people who have died because they accidentally trap themselves inside. 
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The Head Key

First appearance: Episode 2
What Does The Head Key Do? The most-used key in season 1, the Head Key allows people to travel into their own head or the heads of others. It’s used by being inserted into a keyhole in the back of one's neck (it magically appears when it’s time to use it) and then a door shows up in the room. Traveling through the door takes you inside the mind of the person, while their semi-comatose body remains behind. 
Each mind is different and obviously organized differently. Kinsey’s turns out to be a retro, multi-colored mall while Bode's looks like a video game wonderland. The Head Key is also what Kinsey uses to hunt down and completely destroy her fear. 

The Ghost Key

First appearance: Episode 3
What Does The Ghost Key Do? True to its name, the ghost key turns the bearer into a ghost when used in the right door. The bearer goes through the door it’s inserted in and then they can fly around the Key House property seeing things, but apparently they cannot interact with anything mortal (but other ghosts, yet). 
Meanwhile, their body appears completely dead on the floor. 
Bode uses this key frequently, and Sam accidentally uses this key, separating his soul from his body. You’d think this would be a bigger issue during Season 1, considering he’s still a ghost somewhere on the property but it is...not. So...maybe Season 2?
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Music Box Key

First appearance: Episode 5
What Does The Music Box Key Do? You’d think this key just creates beautiful music, which it does, but it does so much more! The bearer can use the music box to then manipulate someone nearby by whispering their name into the box. 

The Starfish Key (Or The Flower Key)

First appearance: Episode 5
What Does The Starfish Key Do? This key’s powers are super vague and don’t actually mirror anything laid out in the Locke and Key comics. But basically, this key was used to remove memories from Duncan’s head stored them out in the cemetery in glass jars. Weird, I know! The key is also not inserted into any sort of lock, but rather the trunk of a tree. 

The Mirror Key (Or Identity Key)

First Appearance: Episode 5 — but we don’t really realize what it is until Episode 8
What Does The Mirror Key Do? One of the more powerful keys, that Dodge is certainly using to their advantage, is the Mirror Key. It physically changes a person’s appearance, allowing them to switch between male and female appearances. (Also, this is a great update from the comics where there was the “Gender Key” and the “Skin Key” which aren’t exactly great names or ideas anymore, or ever.) 
We first see The Mirror Key being used by Duncan and Rendell in one of the flashback jars, but we don’t see it for real in the present-day timeline until episode 8, when Dodge’s plan is revealed. 

The Mending Key

First Appearance: Episode 6
What Does The Mending Key Do? Discovered in a sewing machine, this key looks like it’s got the medical Caduceus symbol (two snakes wrapped around a pole with wings) on it. Nina (Darby Stanchfield) is actually the one who fully discovers the key’s powers, by putting her shattered mug into the mending cabinet and it is magically repaired. She tries and fails, to bring Rendell back to life by placing his urn in there. 

The Omega Key

First appearance: Episode 8
What Does The Omega Key Do? It opens the Omega Door, obviously. That’s really its only power — that we know of so far. Rendell hid the Omega Key in his mind using the Mind Key, so, unfortunately, it died with him. However, when Nina puts Rendell’s urn in the Mending Cabinet, the Omega Key is reformed and discovered among his ashes. 

The Echo Key

First appearance: Episode 9
What Does The Echo Key Do? It's got some vague powers. The Echo Key brings people back from the dead, but not the way Ellie thought — Ellie is the only one to use the Echo key. She uses it at the well-house to summon Lucas, and he reappears as... a demon? We, unfortunately, don’t really get to see the Echo Key in action, but it's clear it’s no good. 

The Shadow Key (Or The Crown of Shadows)

First appearance: Episode 9
What Does The Shadow Key Do? Instead of being inserted into a keyhole, the key is inserted into a wiry, gold crown and the wearer is then is given the ability to control shadows. It should, seemingly, work, but unfortunately, the demonic shadows can be vanquished by just turning on the lights. However, before the lights are turned on, it is very powerful. 
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