Peter Weber Breaks Down How He Chooses His Ladies: “It’s A Numbers Game”

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
If you’ve been tuning in to this season of ABC’s The Bachelor, you’re fully aware that the competition for Peter Weber’s heart has been nonstop chaos since the very first windmill joke.
Just six episodes into Peter’s journey to finding his one true love, the contestants have been dropping left and right in a catty battle to be the last woman standing. It makes for riveting television only rivaled by the signature pettiness of Bravo’s Real Housewives, but it has been utterly exhausting. Contrary to popular belief, the women aren't the only problematic ones here. Peter is playing a calculated, dangerous game.
He said so himself. Opening up to People about last night's episode, Peter said that he has a set strategy when it comes to finding love on The Bachelor. "It may seem abrupt, like, you guys had a great time and then it’s over, but that’s part of it sometimes," Pilot Pete admitted. "It was a number game, and there were stronger connections, and that’s all that it was.”
While it's admittedly an efficient way of looking at a show that requires you to date 20 people at once in hopes of finding "the one," Pete's perspective is a reminder that he, not Tammy Ly (yes, I'm proudly Tammy Hive), might be the true villain of the show.
Take last night’s episode, for example. We had to sit through Peter being the second most ridiculous Bachelor in the franchise's history (Juan Pablo still takes the cake) for two whole hours, quietly pressuring multiple women into having emotional breakdowns to prove the depth of their feelings for him. There's an observable pattern: question her intentions, make her cry, then give her a rose. Works almost every time.
However, for some of the ladies, the risk of vulnerability was not rewarded with a rose. Peter sent home four women last night: Victoria P., Tammy, Mykenna, and Sydney. Tammy and Mykenna's exit was no shocker — their sudden-death two-on-one date card literally read "enough is enough" — but Sydney came as a surprise to many.
Peter had an explanation for why he didn't pick the Alabama beauty despite saying that she was the best kisser of the group on national television: that damned numbers game. “I had an amazing time with her and we had a great connection, but the next week it just became a numbers game and there were more women that I had a stronger connection with than Sydney," he told People.
With only six women left on the show, who will be the next person on the chopping block? My spidey senses are telling me that Natasha will be on her way out soon, but with Peter piloting this plane, who knows where we're headed next?

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