Kim Kardashian Says The Smallest Starbucks Drinks Taste The Best But Do They?

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This morning, as I was scrolling through Kim Kardashian West's Twitter feed — an activity that frequently finds its way into my morning routine — I came across a tweet that I initially found absurd. A fan asked, "What's your go-to Starbucks drink???," and Kardashian West wrote back, "Small size soy chai latte or smallest size white chocolate mocha with whipped cream. They have to be the smallest size or they don't taste the same to me."
I immediately sent the tweet to my co-workers and posed the question, "What does this even mean?" Thinking that they would laugh along with me, I was astonished to receive responses supporting Kim's claim. One of them said, "I feel that. Smaller sized Starbucks drinks just hit different." Another Slacked me to say, "I agree!!! Because at Starbucks, the size just means more milk. It's all about the ratio." A third wrote, "I think I agree too. Who needs to drink that much warm milk?" My response? "That sounds ridiculous to me but now yall have me questioning!" So, I put Kim Kardashian West's Starbucks drink size statement to the test.
I ordered one Grande White Chocolate Mocha, which is 16-ounces and made with two shots of espresso and four pumps of White Chocolate Mocha Sauce. I also ordered a Short version of the drink, which is 8-ounces and contains one shot of espresso and two pumps of White Chocolate Mocha Sauce. I brought them back to my desk and did a side-by-side taste test.
After reading that the amount of espresso and sauce was adjusted depending on the size of the drink order, I was even more convinced that both the Grande and Short White Chocolate Mochas would taste the exact same. But, it takes a big person to admit when she is wrong, and my friends, this morning, I am that big person.
The Short White Chocolate Mocha does have an ever so slightly stronger coffee taste. It took me a few sips to pick up on it — which must mean that Kim Kardashian West has quite a discerning palate — but I finally understood what the reality star was tweeting about. Still, I don't know that most people would notice the difference if they weren't actively looking for it.
It's hard when all your friends deny you the pleasure of picking apart a celebrity's Starbucks order but at least exercising my taste buds with this little experiment did more to wake me up than my usual morning coffee experience.
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