You Guessed It: This Is Miss Monster’s Real Identity On The Masked Singer

Photo: Courtesy of Fox.
Forget Twin Peaks: Fox’s The Masked Singer may be the greatest mystery series of all time. The Masked Singer's third season, which premiered on Sunday following the Super Bowl, had fans speculating about the true identity of Miss Monster, and it turned out a bunch of them were right. On Wednesday night, it was finally revealed that yes, Miss Monster is the one and only Chaka Khan, the singer behind songs like “I’m Every Woman” and “I Feel For You."
While the singer described her journey as an overall fun experience, she did say there's one thing she'll take away from it all: "That I’ll never do anything like that again," she told Billboard.
For the uninitiated, here’s how The Masked Singer works: Each week, performers in elaborate costumes that conceal their identity dance for their supper, or, rather, the chance to continue on in the competition. As each progresses in the competition, they provide the audience and judges Nicole Sherzinger, Nick Cannon, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke with “clues” to their identity. Sure, it’s never going to be Leonardo DiCaprio or Ariana Grande beneath the mask, but known people like Tori Spelling, Rumer Willis, and T-Pain have all competed on the series. 
It was T-Pain’s Monster costume that inspired new contestant Miss Monster’s pastel pink garb.
“That one was one of the favorites and just being able to create something that was very toylike, was very different from the rest of the costumes,” costume designer Marina Toybina told Entertainment Weekly. “Recreating the Monster again for season 3 gave us a field to retell a story and bring back a fan favorite and at the same time, do something very different. And also it reminds people why they’re watching the show.”
In the premiere episode, Miss Monster performed “Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About" by Bonnie Raitt, proving she has serious pipes.
Her clues included the cryptic lines “When you become famous, people want you to look or feel a certain way,” as well as “Will you still love me without knowing my name?”
Many fans on Twitter were convinced she was secretly Chaka Khan, aka “the Queen of Funk.”
Others were sure she was Mary J. Blige, or potentially Tina Turner.  
One person thought it could even be Jojo Siwa, considering they do rock a similar style. 
Still, her vocals weren't exactly a fit.
The biggest stretch? Lady Gaga. Whether Lady Gaga would do the series is besides the point: Would Mother Monster really make her costume an actual monster? She does live for the applause, even if it's on reality TV.
The real joy of The Masked Singer is making yourself feel smart by correctly guessing the contestant’s identities.

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