Your February Horoscope

We're ready to shift our thinking on February 3 when communicative Mercury enters sensitive Pisces. Now is the time to tap into our intuition to better support our imaginations. We shy away from the superficial, and are committed to making better choices for the world. Charming Venus makes her way into fiery Aries on February 7, inspiring us to be more direct with our emotions. The planet of love and beauty is ready to go after what she wants, and helps us to be more bold with those we admire.
We're pulled to follow our passions on February 9, when the Moon waxes full in showy Leo. This transit forms a sweet trine with courageous Mars at 2:33 a.m. EST, stirring up feelings of bravery and new sense of direction. Learn to be more conscious of your words starting February 16 when chatty Mercury goes retrograde in tenderhearted Pisces. The messenger planet squares against the Moon, causing an imbalance in our perceptions — it's easier for us to become narrow-minded and self-centered during this transit. Help ease tensions by reminding yourself of the bigger picture, and step out of yourself whenever you feel lost. We're also more aware of the impact of our actions beginning February 16 when fiery Mars speeds into prudent Capricorn. Use this hard-working transit as an opportunity to push through big projects, and accomplish great things. Be careful not to ice people out if someone annoys you.
It's time to get to know ourselves better starting February 18 when the Sun shines on intuitive Pisces. Pay close attention to how your emotions guide your actions, and listen to your inner voice when faced with conflict. Avoid falling into self-pity, and command your strength when you're feeling low. Accepting the ups and downs of emotion is a key to better understanding yourself. We're ready to start fresh on February 23 when the New Moon in Pisces arrives at 10:31 a.m. EST. Aim to love yourself more fully and embrace your flaws. 

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