Sterling K. Brown Roasts Blake Lively’s Accent In Exclusive Clip From The Rhythm Section

Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images.
Blake Lively may be a pro at transforming herself into different roles, but her character in The Rhythm Section, Stephanie, is not. At least, not enough to convince Sterling K. Brown in this exclusive clip from the upcoming thriller. When Stephanie's family dies in a plane crash, it sends her life into disarray. It's only when she's informed that the explosion that killed her family wasn't an accident that her real story begins. She's hellbent on revenge and gets in over her head, wearing many disguises while she does it. However, she's not some heavily-trained CIA operative. She's just a woman, and in the new clip, she finds herself totally caught in a lie.
Lively's character is British, but when meeting up with Sterling K. Brown's character (who, as of now, is still a mystery) for a drink, it's her accent that gets her into a spot of trouble.
"Where exactly have you been these past few years?" Brown asks, but Stephanie is evasive. He remarks that she's much more human than he thought she'd be, prompting her to cheekily reply that it must be "a good disguise."
He's not there to play games, though. When asked about where she was born, in Munich — no, Berlin — he catches her up.
"It's just that you don't speak with a trace of a German accent," he remarks as tense music swells.
Right now, we don't know if Brown plays a "good guy" or a "bad guy," but the clip certainly leaves you feeling like a fight is about to break out between the two characters, or at the very least Stephanie (or whatever person she's pretending to be) should watch her back.
The Rhythm Section is in theaters January 31.

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