Are Joey & Miranda Dating After The Circle? Here’s The Full Investigation

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s The Circle.
From the very beginning of Netflix’s The Circle, it seems obvious contestant Miranda Bissonnette is looking for a legitimate love connection as much as the $100,000 that would come with winning the competition at hand. After flirting her way around The Circle, Bissonnette eventually forges a real connection with Joey Sasso, the lovably broey OG contestant who would go on to win the whole darn game. 
Yes, Bissonnette was lucky enough to fall for the person destined to be the king of The Circle. Now, everyone is probably wondering if the Netflix pair ever went on that date they keep talking about. 
While both halves of the couple have technically kept quiet on their romantic prospects — all the better to keep Circle drama running — there have been some huge signs that love is in the air between the series’ flirtiest competitors. 
We have our biggest hint that romance is flourishing between Bissonnette and Sasso thanks to Bissonnette’s recent Reality Check interview with People. The video debuted on January 14, one day prior to the premiere of The Circle's finale. Check host Daryn Carp asked Bissonnette if she has remained “in contact” with Joey since filming ended. “Absolutely we have,” Bissonnette gushed. “I have a relationship with Joey unlike [one] I have with anyone else in this entire world.” 
The Circle pair is so close, they speak “every single day.” 
Carp, noticing Bissonnette is beaming, asked if she and Sasso have kissed since production wrapped. The smiling new reality star doesn’t respond either way, and only responds, “I can’t say.” It’s a move that screams, “I’m not allowed to spoil The Circle.” 
Now that the Circle finale has aired, we know Bissonnette and Sasso — who do follow each other on Instagram  — promised to go on the date they first dream up in “The Player I’m Saving Is…” During that episode, Sasso allows Bissonnette to be eliminated. When Bissonnette goes to Sasso’s room before her official exit from The Circle, they kiss and plan to go on an extravagant date together. In the season 1 finale, host Michelle Buteau asks Sasso if he was serious about the invitation, and he responds, “A hundred percent. We’re going. A hundred percent.” Bissonnette, for her part, fans herself after seeing footage of herself kissing Joey. 
The Circle was clearly flimed during the summer in England, which means production wrapped in October at the latest. If Bissonnette and Sasso are still talking daily at this point, some intense relationship must have sprouted in the ensuing months. 
At least it seems like Bissonnette and Sasso are poised to give their followers the full lowdown on their (possible) love story soon. To kick off the Circle finale week, Sasso shared a photo on Instagram of him and Bissonnette making out during the series. “Stay up to date on my insta later this week and we can finally dive into this and everything in our lives post @thecirclenetflix,” he wrote in the caption, using the hashtags “#netflixandchill” and “#kiss.” Bissonnette liked the post.
It looks like two Circle stars aren’t ready to quit social media just yet.
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