It’s Officially Valentine’s Day, According To Starbucks

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
This story was originally published on January 13, 2020, additional reporting was added.
We have the changing leaves, the cloudy skies, the hot humid days, and the snowy cold ones. This is how we know what time of year it is – what holidays to celebrate, what foods to eat, and what clothes to wear. Or at least, that’s how things worked before Starbucks took over.
With the weather often a frightfully unreliable indicator (60 degrees in NYC in the middle of January?), we find ourselves looking to Starbucks to ensure we know what time of year it is. For example, some of our co-workers, as well as citizens of the internet, have begun to spot some Valentine’s Day-themed reusable cups, mugs, and tumblers on Starbucks shelves. So I guess that means it’s officially Valentine’s Day.
Photo: Michelle Santiago Cortés.
Fear not, winter is not over yet: Periwinkle ceramic cold cups and glittery tumblers are a nod to the winter weather we hope lasts a reasonable length of time. But the bespeckled pink mugs and glittery tumblers have enough hearts to tell the world Cupid is a’coming. We especially have our eye on the baby pink hot cup with terrazzo hearts.
Given the success of lunar New Year merchandise in the Asian and Canadian markets, Starbucks is bringing it's Lunar New Year goods stateside for the first time, in a Target exclusive. This year is also the Year of the Rat so you’ll also find red mugs with adorable white mouse imagery on them. Starbucks’ most loyal followers have spotted these new offerings at their local coffee shops and select Target stores. All that’s missing is the Cherry Mocha. Only then are we allowed to send each other candy grams.

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