Wait, Was It Prince Harry Who Got Meghan Her Disney Deal?

Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage.
Prince Harry: husband, father, and a damn good manager, apparently. 
On the heels of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s announcement that they would be signing off from the royal life came reports of Meghan’s voiceover deal with Disney. And it turns out Harry got the ball rolling, as heard in a resurfaced video of him chatting with Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger.
Let’s take it back to the U.K. premiere of The Lion King in July 2019. Meghan and Harry stepped on to the gold carpet looking like literal royalty. Meghan just wanted to chat with Beyoncé and Jay-Z about setting up some playdates between Archie, Rumi, and Sir, and maybe getting a cameo in a video soon. You know, since she’s got free time. Harry had other plans. He made a beeline for Iger, with that “my wife is talented” look in his eyes, and got to work. 
"You know she does voiceovers," Harry says in the clip. A delighted Iger looks surprised but intrigued, so Meghan’s husband continues shouting out our girl, saying that’s “she’s really interested” in the work.
"Sure," Iger appears to reply. "We'd love to try." And bam, just like that Meghan was in. The gig has a charitable angle, as Meghan will reportedly donate her earnings from the voiceover work to the wildlife charity Elephants Without Borders.
Okay, so he could have had his people call Iger’s people, but I guess Harry’s old school. He wanted to talk in person, and he kept it classy. He didn’t whip a C.V. out of his tux or slide a business card into Iger’s hand all pretentious. He stuck with a classic elevator pitch. Short, sweet, and to the point. Subtle and obviously more effective than Meghan writing a cover letter. Quick, somebody get Harry a Masterclass deal. 
Last Wednesday, Meghan and Harry revealed in a statement that they would be working on becoming “financially independent” from the royal family. 
The rest of the royal family weren’t too happy about this announcement, but surely once they see Disney’s animated feature American Princess, starring Meghan and premiering in 2022, they’ll be okay, right? Kidding. That’s not a real movie, but let us dream. 
Takeaway: if your partner doesn’t look at you get you work like Harry did Meghan, get a new one.

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