The Like A Boss Ladies Aren’t The Only Ones To Have A NSFW Baby Shower Cake

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
The new movie Like A Boss starring Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne is all about two best friends who own a makeup company together. Watching these two take down an evil cosmetics mogul, played by Salma Hayek, who's trying to steal their business is a fun ride, but there's one very specific scene from the film that's sticking with viewers because it's leaving their tastebuds incredibly confused.
In the movie, Mia (Haddish) and Mel (Byrne) attend a baby shower for their friend Kim, played by Jessica St. Clair. While there, their other two friends Jill (Natasha Rothwell) and Angela (Ari Graynor) surprise Kim with an explicit cake. The cake, as Mia describes it, features a "frosted replica" of Kim's vagina and her baby is being born through it. There's a plastic baby doll head crowning through a fondant vulva perched atop the layered treat. If that weren't outrageous enough, the whole wild dessert is complete with red food dye for blood, chocolate sprinkles for pubes, and a chocolate butthole.
While Kim earnestly calls the cake "so beautiful," we feel like it's more perplexing than anything else. Seeing the traumatic scene of childbirth depicted on an expertly-baked cake we'd usually be salivating over is just a strange situation to be in. Still, that hasn't stopped many people from enjoying their own versions of this birthing vagina cake in the months leading up to having a baby.
Amy Schumer was famously given a similar cake by her sister-in-law. She posted a photo of the cake, which featured a very blonde Cabbage Patch Kid's head, on Instagram back in January of last year. Despite the fact that the comedian classified the buttercream creation as a "horrifying cake," she told Seth Meyer's she did eat it, which we totally get.
Schumer isn't the only celeb to be presented with a childbearing vagina cake. In 2017, Southern Charm's Whitney Sudler-Smith had one made for his co-star Cameran Eubanks. Hers had the addition of macerated strawberries surrounding the emerging baby doll. While the Bravo-lebrity said in an Instagram post that she loved the cake, she added, "I won't mention the local bakery who accepted the task because I'm sure they were mortified."
Another reality star received a crowning cake way back in 2014. Nicole Polizzi, who most know as Snooki, amused her Jersey Shore bestie Jenni Farley, aka JWoww, with not one but two graphic desserts at her baby shower.
Clearly these cakes are kind of a thing, especially among those looking to give their pregnant friends a laugh. Now that we all know, we can begin mentally preparing for the next baby shower we attend just in case a slice of an iced, bloody, pube-covered labia cake is passed our way. Don't hesitate, just grab a fork.

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